We remember…… a tireless worker, always thinking about new projects, always making up new ideas.
This is just one of the many souvenirs we still have of our father.
That concreteness, the pragmatism and that “substance”, in words and facts, he managed to convey will always represent a legacy of immense value.
In the following lines you will find what Wikipedia dedicated to him, reconstructing a sport career of which he was proud. But no online encyclopaedia could convey his evident passion for engines and cars, his enthusiasm for international achievements and experiences, his will to win that, even when from professional pilot he turned in industrial entrepreneur, never left him. Never.

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                    The family


MR Martini won Formula Italia in 1973, passing to Formula 2 the following season with Trivellato Corse (and then with Scuderia del Passatore) driving a March-BMW. He got the fifth prize at Mugello.
In Formula 2 he was with Scuderia del Passatore, where he started to get his first relevant achievements: the fourth prize in the Gran Premio do Estoril and third prize in B.A.R.C. “200”, run in the Thruxton circuit. In the same season there were two other opportunities. He gained an amount of eight points and the fifteenth prize in the Championship. During the year 1976 he stayed at the Scuderia, which had changed its name in “Everest”, gaining twelve points and the seventh prize in the total ranking, obtaining the best achievement of the third prize in the Rouen ranking. In that year he won the Italian Category Title, too.


In the season 1976 he was enrolled, by Scuderia Everest (which had a Ferrari 312 T) in two Formula 1 competitions. These ones were not valid for the year’s World Championship, the Race of Champions, at Brands Hatch, and the BRDC International Trophy, at the Silverstone Circuit. He became the first Italian pilot to drive a F1 Ferrari, even if not in World Championships, after Arturo Merzario when, in 1973, had run in the United States Grand Prix.
At the first time he did not take part in the competition, after qualifying for the fifteenth prize because of an accident during the try out tour. On the contrary, the second time Martini participated and gained the tenth prize. This was his last time in F1, even if not valid for the world Championship, where he drove a private team Ferrari


In 1978 Martini took part in two tries out of the F1 British Championship. He gained the victory in the Donington F1 Trophy, driving an Ensign. He won thirty-two points and the eleventh prize.